slusky pearls of wisdom

Its the potency of the immediacy.

It has all this potential for horrific expansionism.

Oh this collie god, this colored vesuvian.

Were you thinking biblically?

OK tyrants, raise thy edifice.

Expand to the cheekiness of it all.

Cultivate your myopias into positive forces.

You're a liberal fig leaf.

Remember, Big Picture, Big Picture, now that weve gotten over our domestic crisis.

You have to be neurologically sound, or you pick up kinky habits.

Look at this frozen scene from Pompeii.

This is no time to get incestuous.

Fill your ears with goblets of nutrient wax.

Let's plaster our vital spirits up there.

This could be your opus maximus.

We have reached a psychic linkpoint.

You're getting into some tribal rhythms.

Smudge it, baby.

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