greenwich village

Washington Square

Surrounded by New York University, John’s soon to be second alma mater, Washington Square is at once both town and gown, park and city. The Triumphal Arch ends Fifth Ave with a flourish. Check out the street theater around the fountain. Enjoy the park benches with students and workers on lunch break and watch the speed chess players at the southwest corner of the park. Behind the townhouses on Washington Square North is MacDougal Alley, a quaint cobblestone street lined with carriage houses for the mansions fronting the park.

W 4th St

When John lived in Chelsea, he’d walk along this beautiful street nearly every day to work. Start at the basketball courts at 6th Ave and watch them play hoop. Continue west to Sheridan Square and 7th Ave, where sunset turns the corner into a great party. W. 4th bends to the northwest through townhouses you’d give your wallet to live in. Notice the hair salon and small stores at the corner of W. 4th and W. 11th Sts (why do these streets cross? must have been some crazy urban planner). You’ll end up at Hudson St where you can go north towards Chelsea/8th Ave or south to Bleecker and Christopher Sts.

Also check out:
Collectors Stadium for baseball hats/cards, Nostalgia and All that Jazz Records, NYC T-shirts at the flea market next to Tower Records on weekends, Bleecker Street from Hudson St. to University Pl, relive the Abstract Expressionist era at the bar at Cedar Tavern, best coffee house space across the street at Dean & DeLuca, go west young man to the Ganesvoort Meat Packing District, and the malling of manhattan along Lower Fifth Avenue.

Film Forum, Angelika Film Center, Anthology Film Archives
New York’s remaining venues for the independent or off-beat film. You can have a light snack in the Angelika’s cafe before the flick. You’ll also feel the comforting rumble of passing subway trains in its underground theaters.

Paris Commune
Great cozy atmosphere for brunch, get here before the long lines form at noon.

Cafes at Bleecker and McDougal
The last place in New York where you can smoke, though you have to sit outside with all the other pseudo-Euro-beatniks.

Former speakeasy, the secret entrance is on Barrow Street though the arched walkway. Great for drinks and the bar scene.

White Horse
Another pub (see a pattern, here?) but try to get the table in the middle room’s window corner. You’ll be sitting where Dylan Thomas drank himself to death.

Blue Note, Bradley’s, Village Vanguard, Sweet Basil, Visiones
Jazz fans, take your pick.

Bottom Line
More folk rock than rolk fock, Buster Poindexter plays here every other week it seems (Yes, he is still around, and evidently puts on a rockin’ show).

The Violet at W 4th and Washington Square, Dean and Deluca on University Pl, Library at 10th St and 6th Ave.

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